The ECAIF project focuses on both the upskilling and reskilling of existing operators, as well as the training and placement of new operators in the Automotive Component Manufacturing Industry.

Merseta granted the Eastern Cape Automotive Industry (ECAIF) funding to develop 400 operators in the Eastern Cape province, including the Port Elizabeth, Uitenhage and East London regions. The funding covered a 53-credit skills programme that included a combination of technical and soft skills designed to produce world class manufacturing operators. Automotive Learning Academy was appointed as the project partner to facilitate the training and manage the funded project.

This programme was offered to ECAIF member companies for the purpose of upskilling and reskilling existing operators, as well as to create a talent pool for the industry to source from. Several local component manufacturers came on board and provided a written undertaking to support the project. The training programme covers skills sets such as hand tools, power tools, measuring techniques, production systems, quality inspections and other relevant engineering and operations related topics.

“What I have learnt in the programme is different skills in the production line. It was a very challenging programme but worth every second of it. We learnt great new things, we developed ourselves academically and psychologically.”


ECAIF Learner

“I learnt how to use both power tools and hand tools. Now I know how to use a torque wrench and a spanner and can easily use with both hands.”


ECAIF Learner